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The Sparkle Meet Up! Cocktail party

In partnership with Social Media Expert Aggie Meroni #SAVETHEDATE

30th of November @ Hemingways Bar

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HumaniTea x Go Inspire

Check out their latest blog about our motivations and goals! Head to www.humanitea.co.uk


FREE local events

Go Inspire is a movement of positive connection, mindfulness and support. We want to provide a platform and a space where every woman is welcomed, heard and inspired. Building relationships and partnerships that will last a lifetime.

In Partnership with local venues

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Every month!!!

We are offering free space to local female owned businesses to promote their passions and introduce themselves to our community!

Support local owned female businesses and make a difference for all!

Follow us IG /goinspire.wimbledon

You can find a full directory in our website too.

If you like to apply email us to: info@goinspireuk.org

  • Creating a new community

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Creating a new community

Tell your story

Our mission


Our profound desire is to stimulate our community by producing a category of dynamic content while connecting artists, entrepreneurs, practitioners and other inspirational women with our audience. We want to infuse in our community the desire to create, innovate and go beyond limitations.


We are convinced that knowledge is power and that the path for growth is to allow ourselves to expand. As a result, we want to provide a free multi-topic content platform to make our community feel empowered.


We are passionate about bringing opportunities for women who dream of a better life for themselves. In doing so, we are engaged in assisting women with their mental health and career development as well as supporting global action for women's rights and education.


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Circular Economy

Sustainable Fashion

Be creative!

Sustainable living

We want to promote a greener way of living, so we can relearn routines and upgrade our lifestyle to align with nature and what's really important. Mindfulness is the key to a happy life, at every step of the journey!

  • Join the movement

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Join the movement

Our community

The essence of belonging comes from forming relationships where we are valued essentially for who we are. To transcend is to act in love. Community brings transcendental relationships, a connection that goes beyond touch and sound. It is an energy that brings a collection of inspiration and interconnectedness that nourishes our happiness and a sense of shared humanity. One of the world’s most sustained study of adult life discovered that people who were surrounded by warm, loving relationships lived longer and happier than those who were lonely. The findings from The Harvard Study Of Adult Development reveal that more than money or fame, our relationships with other human beings is what kept people happy. 

A community embedded in love is a community that will flourish because the aspiration of every individual is what will sustain it to reach a purpose. It helps remind us that failure and suffering is a shared human experience, not an isolated journey.

Written by Rebecca Olayiwola.

ICONS by Go Inspire: Diane Goldie