Sponsors and collaborators

We are looking for local and national sponsors to help us set up the best FREE events in town! We have lots of fun and exciting campaigns coming up so don't hesitate to email me to info@goinspireuk.org for more details. Lets create a partnership that will actually benefit the community.


- Wine and Love London

- The East Side Brewery

Sponsors deals for Go Inspire Wimbledon 

 We are looking for local and national sponsors to help us set up our FREE events for the community. This is an amazing opportunity to expand 
your brand awareness but also to reach new customers that are into community based projects, support equality and diversity, creating a bigger 
impact that could make clients identify your brand with wellness and positivity, acceptance and unity. 

Level 1 

  • Samples to giveaway on events and meet ups. 
  • Monthly giveaway through our social platforms. 
  • Promocode for members. 
  • Permanent promo in website (To be finalised at the end of the year but up for continuation) 
  • Weekly social media promo post. (Post and stories) 
  • Sponsored content for branded videos in our platform with the possibility of creating content on your premises and promotion. 
  • Possibility of partnering to create community focused paid ads. 
  • Banner present on every event.  
  • Back Full Page Ad on our booklets and fanzine. 

Level 2 

  •  Samples to giveaway on events and meet ups. 
  • Giveaway through our social platforms. (Every 3 months) 
  • Permanent promo in website (To be finalised at the end of the year but up for continuation) 
  • Monthly social media promo post. (Post and stories) 
  • Possibility of partnering to create community focused paid ads. 
  • Banner present on every event.  

Level 3 

  • Samples to giveaway on events and meet ups. 
  • Giveaway through our social platforms. ( Twice a year) 
  • Social media promo post. (Post and stories) 
  • Possibility of partnering to create community focused paid ads.

We want to stay transparent in what the money is being used for, so here is a list of our upcoming purchases for the events:


- Totebags

100 bags - £400

- Fans

- Bracelets

- Keyrings

Banners, business cards and stickers for promos

- Stickers 

Round 45mm - 500 pieces - £35 (www.stickershop.co.uk)

- Flags

Blade feather flag - Medium 3.4mts - each £145 (www.eazy-print.co.uk)

Portable event flag - Mini - each £125 (www.eazy-print.co.uk)

- Banners

Budget Roller Banner - 1mt - £60 (www.eazy-print.co.uk)

Wide Budget Roller Banner - 1.5mts  - each £90 (www.eazy-print.co.uk)


- Booklets - 500 pieces - Budget brochure - £120 (www.eazy-print.co.uk)


Event materials:

- Disposable sustainable utensils

- Flowers

- Beverages/food

- Paper bags 

- Material for workshops

Sexual health campaign in Wimbledon

- 150 mentrual cups - £350 - From China

Prizes for different competitions we want to set up.

- Bookclubs giveaways

Community art projects.

Expenses for the team.