Financial success

Financial success

#1 thing you need to know about financial success… It has almost nothing to do with money.

As many financially stable people have learnt in their lifetime, money is only a false assumption that presents itself as a tool that is thought to fulfil one’s desires. However, money cannot be enough on its own.

We have all heard about famous people who seem to have the world at their feet and plenty of money, but they are miserable and self-destructive. Some even commit suicide. RIP Caroline Flack

As humans we have fundamental needs; wanting to feel safe, food and shelter, being acceptable to others, and lastly, wanting to feel loved and appreciated by those closest to us, while instinctively wanting to mate and reproduce.

In my head this translates to; I want security with no risk, a lifetime of food and a huge house. I long to be revered, famous, adored by many, loved romantically, have great sex and produce fabulous children that are the envy of society.

If I alongside you, focus on the gap between our egotistical demands and our material reality, the result is feeling discontented and all our focus is on what we don’t have, what is missing, what we lack.  Our ego starts making demands of life that are way beyond what we need to be content and happy.

If we start feeling grateful for what we have and celebrate this by making the most of it, then our focus will change to what we have and what we can do with it. Discontentment can be replaced by optimism.

Dreams and ambitions are great and human beings are designed to compete and achieve, but at a primeval level we need to be a “part of” - in both community and fellowship. If all we ever focus on is fulfilling our ambitious expectations, we will never have “enough”, and we will never feel “successful”.

Financially successful people have the “glass half full” mindset. This means that they make the most of what they have and are then able to attract and cultivate more with this positive attitude.

I have a fridge magnet which says, “Attitude is everything so pick a good one” and I think it is a fine and useful message.

What do YOU think is vital to live a content and financially "successful" life?