Do I have enough money to make it worth having a financial adviser?

Do I have enough money to make it worth having a financial adviser?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in my initial chat with potential new members of Women’s Wealth.

Financial Planning doesn’t require that you already have wealth. It is about making the most of your resources. We charge £45 per month and it isn’t unusual for us to get more than this back for you in tax savings, better investment returns or lower charges on existing arrangements.

The planning process considers what you already have as this is the starting point for working out any gaps that need covering, but the real work starts with planning how to tackle the gap – that’s about creating wealth.

We often find that because we know how to get you super-efficient with tax and effective around your money matters we can add tens of thousands of pounds to your wealth over your working life.

Is your tax code correct?

What is your pension pot invested in and is it appropriate for a very long-term investment?

Is your National Insurance record correct and what proportion of your earnings will your State Pension replace?

Don’t panic if you don’t know the answer to these questions, most people don’t, but do acknowledge that you would benefit from having a financial health check to make sure you are doing everything to max out your financial opportunities.

We would love to welcome you to Women’s Wealth.