Carolin Sternecker

Carolin Sternecker

Carolin Sternecker 

I started working at the age of 17, cleaning bedrooms as part of the hospitality management apprenticeship in a small boutique hotel in Bavaria, my home town in Germany. I didn’t know it then, but the next 18 years would see me travel the world exploring different cultures as I worked my way up in the luxury hotel industry. 

I worked for brands such as Jumeirah, Kempinski, Fairmont and JW Marriott in Germany, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London, doing everything from operations and sales, to leadership management of international teams; with 12 years as a sales professional working for some of the world’s landmark hotels. 

I always had a keen interest in different cultures, and this experience really expanded my global mindset and gave me the opportunity to live my life as a global citizen. 

Working internationally as a sales & marketing professional gave me huge insight into what businesses really need to succeed. I also gained a good understanding of where my own strengths lie, to put it bluntly, I am an action plan freak and a go-getter. I love taking the often chaotic bigger picture and bringing in structure and direction so that the right action for your business can be taken from a place of clarity. 

Whilst I enjoyed my work, I also knew at a deeper level I craved autonomy. I wanted to run my own business in a way that felt aligned with my personal values of honesty, reliability, freedom and truth.

During a period of personal transformation, I went to volunteer in Africa, teaching women farmers basic business skills to help them increase their profits, better manage their finances, and improve their teamwork.

I loved it so much that I went on to mentor a woman from South Africa for a year as part of the Cherie Blair Foundation, an organization which supports female entrepreneurs in Developing countries. Together we looked at the bigger picture of her business, creating a business plan, vision, and sales & marketing strategy. She doubled her income and we also became good friends.

This is when it clicked for me and I realised what I’m really here to do: support passionate business owners with a person-centred & straight-forward, step by step approach in helping you to gain clarity, grow further and increase your business profits.


In addition to my work as a consultant, I am also deeply involved in mental wellbeing which is a passion of mine. I am currently undertaking an MA in Psychotherapy, and for the last year I have been working in mental health as a support line worker, supervisor, and I’m also a certified Mental Health in the Workplace trainer. 

Working in Mental Health has allowed me to understand people' emotions better. Therefore, all of my clients are given the space to process their emotions around their business. I love offering this as part of my business consulting sessions, because it respects the person as a whole. You are more than a business owner. You are a whole person with a full spectrum of human emotions. Sometimes these emotions are holding you back in your business and private life. I can help you to identify and process those blocks. 

Together we will look at the big picture of your business from a macro perspective, before creating a tailor-made action plan unique to the needs and vision of your business. Using my tried and tested processes and business plan templates will enable you to gain clarity and feel less overwhelmed about the best plan of action to reach your goals and achieve the success you desire. Once we’ve shone a light on your revenue streams, costs, services/products and target audience, we will use that information to generate a specific sales and marketing strategy that you can follow step by step. I offer a holistic service and walk you through a process to meet your vision and goals. I will meet you exactly where you are on your entrepreneurial journey.

It would be my pleasure to have the opportunity to help and support you. You can reach me on, @carolinsternecker or 07738755848,