Go Inspire Wimbledon Festival: July 1st

Welcome to Go Inspire Wimbledon Festival

We are a community platform for local women. We want to create positive connection and bring inspiration and motivation to our followers. In our first event we will be doing a presentation of the project and a taster of what's coming in the future events. Come down to Mainyard studios, meet the team and start mingling! Life is better when we are together.

Location: Mainyard Studios Wimbledon, 9 Lyon Road, SW192RL. (www.mainyardstudios.co.uk)

Line up

3:30pm Greetings and sitting arrangements.

4:00pm Presentation of Go Inspire Wimbledon by Denisa Szemanova and Marina Sardanopoli

4:15pm Community and empowerment talk by Carole Simb

4:40pm 5 minutes break

4:45pm Icebreaker by Maria Gomez Cooper

5:00pm Manifestation Board Workshop by Maria Gomez Cooper

5:40pm Drinks and nibbles. Sponsored by The East Side Brewery (www.theeastsidebrewery.co.uk)

6:00pm End of event.

Who are we?

GO INSPIRE ! is a physical and online social platform that wishes to bring inspiration and opportunities for women from all races, age and economical backgrounds. We strongly believe in the development of individual and collective power and we are passionate about supporting women who dream of a better life for themselves. In a world that loves to create boxes and limitations, our ultimate goal is to build a generation of women who strives on breaking barriers and taboos, not only for themselves but also for others.

We are engaged in raising consciousness on social equality in order to create a brighter future for the generation to come.

Our mission

GO INSPIRE! is a platform that animates a series of dynamic digital content as well as physical events in local venues. We are committed to create a safe space for women to grow and connect with each other. In doing so, we invite individuals, artists, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and influencers to share with the public their ideas and expertise on as many topics as possible.

We are also driven to promote local women owned businesses and provide a space for women entrepreneurs to display their products and share their crafts and knowledge. GO INSPIRE! is also devoted to assist global action by raising funds and supporting women rights and education. Go check our latest charity support and which action you can take to help us !

We are more than a community, we are a movement!

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Maria Gomez Cooper www.mariacoopergomes.com

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