Sarah Wolverson: Lady Boo Salutes You, Vintage Clothing

Sarah Wolverson: Lady Boo Salutes You, Vintage Clothing

My name is Sarah and I am the one woman juggernaut behind Lady Boo Salutes You my vintage and handmade jewellery business.

I have been a treasure hunter since early childhood and have a love of expression through clothing.

I believe exciting, adventurous, sustainable clothing should be available to all and vintage should not be an elite private members club. With that in mind I keep my prices more in line with high street shops to make it a viable alternative.

I have been buying second hand and vintage clothing since I was 7. I’d head off to the local jumble sale with a £1 and come back with a bin bag of 60’s baby doll nighties (much to my mother’s horror). At the age of 43 nothing has changed, I love the element of treasure hunting…. finding something fabulous that no one else has and most importantly, having fun with clothes.

The business started thirteen years ago, I made a silly bid on a huge box of vintage gloves from America. When they arrived, I thought…I’d better do something with these….and Boo to a Goose was born. My first event night took place at the Boys Club in Dalston. There were drinks, dancing, a vintage fashion show and my first vintage boutique.

When I moved to Crystal Palace I became a mum for the first time. Organising a big night in North London became less practical so I decided to open up my home and have an Open House. Anyone is welcome, but I make sure each guest gets a proper old-fashioned invitation in the post. I bake a huge table of homemade cakes, my manservant, Mr Pip The Right Honorable Boo Consort (otherwise known as my husband), serves drinks, and everyone gets to try on my vintage wares.

I had no idea how it would work, but I had roughly 40 women attend the first one and the atmosphere was fantastic. I found that strangers were helping each other pick outfits and making friends. Since then I have held 17 Open Houses and each time they are different. I love it!

Since the pandemic hit my business has changed as I couldn't have my open houses, i began selling more on instagram and i also launched #madebyboo - my handmade earring business. Having a creative outlet really helps me have down time.

More recently I have joined forces with 7 other vintage traders to create @theboutiqueathayneslane a fabulous vintage clothing store nestled in the heart of Haynes Lane Vintage Market in Crystal Palace.