Mental Health Manifesto

Here at Go Inspire UK we recognise that women face a labyrinth of unique stresses and challenges trying to navigate a world in which we are valued as less than our male counterparts. We are inadequately prepared for these additional stresses leading to burnout, self-esteem issues and halting progress towards gender equality.

As such our purpose is to improve women’s overall mental health and wellbeing through providing access to social and educational resources with which to heal past traumas and thrive, but also to provide access to a community and social networks for adult women of all cultures and walks of life.

Because we can rise stronger together.


We do this by offering Peer support groups and workshops, providing educational content and mental health support resources. Helping women take control over their life, improving their mental and physical health and establishing a sense of belonging whilst being part of our community of like-minded women. Our approach is tailored to all women, offering the right level of support to achieve every woman’s goals.

We recognise gaps in mental health service provision and respond to these by developing and delivering Peer support groups and workshops that provide person-centred care and support to women affected by challenges from modern society.

Everything with equality and sustainability…

What we offer?

Peer Support groups and workshops

Our network of peer support groups and workshops are all run by volunteers with lived experience or who are professional experts in that field of the certain group they are facilitating. We run regular workshops and support groups in various locations in South London, offering a non-judgmental and welcoming space to talk about your experience and get peer support.

Every group is unique and tailored for adult women of all cultures and ages discussing various challenges women face in modern society. Women will be able to share their life stories, express their emotions, set positive intentions whilst connecting and enjoying being part of a group of like-minded individuals who suffer from the same challenge.