Choose You: 6-week programme

Choose You: 6-week programme

Choose you - 6 weeks Women’s Self-discovery and self-expression workshop

Women help women thrive.

For centuries women have been coming together to share their lows and highs of life, and generally strengthen the bonds of being together through shared experiences and conversation.

But we are living in a busy society, and the demands and pace of life have become very hectic. It is becoming harder for women to come together and share a space where they can learn, grow, express themselves and heal together.

At Go Inspire UK, our purpose is to improve women’s overall mental health and wellbeing through providing access to social and educational resources with which to heal past traumas and thrive, but also to provide access to a community and social networks for adult women of all cultures and walks of life.

Because we can rise stronger together.

This 6-week program is for women who want to work on their mindset, get to know themselves better on both a personal and professional level to become the best version of themselves. You will be able to talk about and share what is on your mind within a non-judgmental healing sharing circle for women.

We only ask you to speak from your heart and listen with compassion.

This workshop will start on the 7th February taking place for 6 weeks on a weekly basis, every Monday from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.


Venue: The dog and Fox Hotel Bar in Wimbledon Village.


Week 1 – 7th Feb: Automatic Writing – Explore your emotions through words that come to your mind

Materials required: Just pen and paper

Week 2, 14th Feb: Identify and get to know your personal values

Materials required: pen, paper, colourful pencils

Week 3, 21st Feb: Art - Explore your thoughts and feelings through collage and drawing

Materials required: – coloured pencils, paint, coloured paper, old magazines, glue, scissors, tapes/stickers, other crafty bits?

Week 4, 28th Feb: Self-discovery & awareness session.

Materials required: printout for each woman of the questionnaire and a pen.

Week 5, 7th March: Create your dream life - How should your dream life look like?

Materials required: colourful pens, paper, old magazines, drawing paper etc.

Week 6, 14th March: Plant drawing for wellness by Harriet Adkins

Materials required: pen, paper, colourful pencils

Workshops provided by Mental Health Expert: Carolin Sternecker