Shelly Palmer - Personal trainer

Shelly Palmer - Personal trainer

Hi my name is Shelly Palmer Queen of Fabulicious.

Who am I.
I am a trans racial adoption survivor.
Miscarriage survivor.
Abusive relationship survivor.
I have turned the pain that I have faced into power. I now rule my life.
And reign my Queendom with confidence.
Have you lost your way.

Do you need to level up in your life in terms of
Body Confidence

If you are ready to step into your power. Lets reign together.

If you do not recognise the woman staring back at you in the mirror.
It is time to make a change.
Drop me a message lets start your reign today.
You are worth it.

Shelly Victorious Palmer

My goal is to create a unique workout experience full of positivity and laughter. I want the women who work with me to feel empowered in mind and body.
We’re getting active ladies, we’re successful in achieving our goals, we are beautiful, we are creating a legacy for the next generation.
My classes are fun work outs. There is not a burpee in sight.

Let's get fit fierce and Fabulicious together