Luna and Beyond - Art

Luna and Beyond - Art

Hi I'm Nikki and my small business is Luna and beyond. I create one off pieces of functional Crystal infused Art for your sacred space.

I'm a self taught artist ( previously a nail artist ) and wanted to try a new medium incorporating crystals which I love and have many of my own . I learned how to use resin and started practicing on canvas then got more creative making geode crystal tables and many other pieces.


I love to use crystals in my creations as they are such magnificent gift from mother earth which also adds pretty protection and also helps cleanse negative energies and helps raise the frequency of your surroundings.

I especially like to incorporate Elite Shungite which is important to have on you and around your home as it helps to neutralise the EMF radiation released by WiFi, mobiles, microwaves & other technology devices.

My Art work combines two of my favourite things; Crystals and Art all for the purpose to help add pretty protection to you & your scared place.

I named my business Luna and Beyond
( the moon and beyond)
As just like you and I the possibilities are endless!

Love Always
Nikki x