Ekaterina Botziou - I spy my Evil Eye

Ekaterina Botziou - I spy my Evil Eye

I'm a writer by trade (with a 'chequered' past in law, finance and acting!) and have self-published several books including most recently a six-part Greek mythological children's chapter book series. I've also just started a new brand creating planners, notebooks and journals.

But my main passion since the start of the pandemic has been an online business I set up in June 2020 selling handpicked unique evil-eye pieces from jewellery and accessories to homeware and gifts - I SPY MY EVIL EYE https://ispymyevileye.co.uk/

As my father is from Greece it was my Yiayia (grandmother) who first introduced me to the evil eye and its power to deflect negative energy and I've been obsessed by its symbolism and beauty ever since. At the beginning of 2020, after becoming somewhat disillusioned and demotivated with my writing, I came up with the idea for my shop, but due to the onset of the pandemic and a loss in our family, I pushed the idea back. In June 2020 I finally launched my little space of evil eye heaven and haven't looked back!

I handpick every single piece for my online boutique sourcing mainly from Greece and Turkey. I initially started with a few jewellery pieces and soon expanded into homeware and gifts. Many of the items are handmade with some even custom-made specifically for my shop. I have even made the collection of evil eye bookmarks and some of the jewellery myself with the help of my mum!

It's been tough juggling home life (I'm a mum of three children aged 6, 4 and 3 - not to mention my fourth child the husband!), my writing, and creating a new brand in such strange times, but it's been an amazing learning experience and I'm looking forward to growing my business in the future. Last Christmas was a particularly difficult time for small businesses so I'm hoping that things will be different this year!