Amanda Greaves - Amanda White

Amanda Greaves - Amanda White

Hi! I am Amanda, the creator of Amanda White.

Allow me to introduce myself briefly. I am a very social and outgoing young person who loves everything related to home décor and creativity. I am also a mother to an incredible 12-year-old obsessed with sports.
I have extensive experience in customers service management and hospitality, which I genuinely enjoy since I have a passion for people. I have to admit; my middle name is everyone’s person.

Now, like most people, I tried organising my home and kitchen during the lockdown. Frankly, it was a nightmare. I had so many jars, plastic bags; basically, my pantry was a mess.
I started exploring sustainable ways for reorganisation to minimise waste production.
I came across so many beneficial ways to re-use, refill, and recycle my pantry, and a lot of simple glass solutions caught my attention. I immediately started reorganising; I swapped plastic for glass and labelled everything with my entrusted labelling gun. There was one tinny issue, I wanted an attractive label as I was looking for longevity that was simple, clean, but effective. So, I came up with a concept for my labels and was in LOVE instantly. I was on zoom meeting with a couple of my girlfriends, who noticed the jars in the background and immediately fell in love with them, as well, and asked if I could do the same for them in their kitchens.

And this is how the idea of AMANDA WHITE was born. Amanda White is a clean-cut brand that puts quality and longevity above quantity. I believe in sustainable and safe products for your home. I am also a firm believer in buying once only, no waste production and that everything can be upcycled. Therefore, my products bring a small piece of me into your home.

Please check us out on Instagram, at ________@amanda.white2o, and keep an eye on our website that is COMING SOON.