Flirting With Vintage

Flirting With Vintage

by Paige Perrior


Just like an older lover, vintage clothes always do it better which is why I am a vintage seller!

I’m Page the creator of a small online Vintage business, In Instagram terms a #bosswoman of “Vintage Dolly Official”. Originally a professional Make-Up Artist, I started auctioning off my personal vintage collection during maternity leave, working out how to juggle being a single mother to a baby, while still being an independent woman which is when I found my calling and the rest they say is… Vintage!

Nothing excites me more (apart from writing love letters to unattainable men on scented paper) than getting lost in a charity shop- messier the better! With the rich aroma of “second-hand No.5”, the explosion of clothes waiting for me to rummage through like a frantic squirrel hoping to discover a gem… Or “nut”?

My first gem was a Loris Azzaro 1970’s couture evening gown which I later sold at “Kerry Taylors”, the world’s leading auction house who specialise in vintage fashion, fine antiques and textiles. This gave me such a buzz that it encouraged me to source out even more items.


"Vintage clothes stimulate your creativity and make your outfit original"


Buying vintage is the way forward it’s giving back a gift to Mother Nature because let’s face it, fast fashion is destroying our planet at a rapid rate. Save the world – buy vintage!
Vintage clothes stimulate your creativity and make your outfit original… It’s like opening up a Pan "Diors" box of history and giving you the chance to add to it. It’s exciting stuff!

Ask yourself this, “Would you rather a night out with Jake Gyllenhaal or a Jake Gyllenhaal lookalike?”. I know which one I’d prefer!
Inspired by the likes of Truly Scrumptious from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and French New wave actress Anna Karina, I love to make a statement when it comes to my clothes and use my Instagram as a place to sell my vintage finds, creating stories behind each garment being “tongue in cheek” with captions and descriptions because I adore what I do and I want my customers to join in on the action.

Find yourself a vintage seller whose style you admire and treat yourself while supporting a small business. There are thousands of treasures waiting for a forever home and it’s a wonderful step towards saving the plant.

Written by Page Perrior (23/11/20)