SJP - Ready to wear

SJP sources unwanted, preloved fabrics and turns them into garments saving fabulous materials from landfill in a bid to help the planet and create guilt free fashion.
I like to see the good in everything and that even transpires into old duvets that are just too pretty to throw away.
Too much perfectly good fabric ends up in landfills every year and I want to do my bit for the world by prolonging a fabrics life and giving it a second chance as something ‘new’.
In lockdown 1 I began making scrub bags for Salisbury hospital from donated duvets and pillow cases. When my scrub bag making came to an end I made a dress from one of the left over duvets. My friend loved it so I made her one, they got posted on Instagram and bang Made by SJP was born!
The demand for my dresses grew quite quickly so my Mum and a few lovely local ladies help me source, cut and sew the fabrics. I definitely couldn’t have got through summer without them! I am very lucky to have a garage where I can see from and store all the fabrics.
All our fabrics are sourced from charity shops, eBay, car boots, donations or house clearances. Why not clear out your airing cupboard and have an old duvet made into something you can wear over and over again!
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