Francesca Raffa

Francesca Raffa

Francesca Raffa is an accredited Energy Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Women's Circle Facilitator and Feminine Embodiment Coach. She guides women to awaken their passion, heal their past and transform their present through heart-body wisdom.

Francesca is a curious explorer, freedom lover and a deeply multi-passionate soul here to be of divine service in contributing to the ascension of our beautiful planet. She believes that we all have a divine purpose for our incarnation, we all contain deep rooted lineages of wisdom held within every cell of our body and we all have a yearning for balance, wholeness & unconditional love - We just need to remember!

It is Francesca’s mission to:

- Awaken the underdeveloped, suppressed and feared divine feminine within you.

- Safely guide you in entering your darkness to fully reveal your light.

- Discover your own unique blueprint for aligned magnetism.

- Aliven your pleasure and passion for a purpose led life.

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Instagram: @francescaraffa / @the_spiral_collective


Learn more about her handcrafted delicious tea collections

Spiral Tea 

Spiral Tea was born from inspiration around Founder, Francesca’s background, love of travel, curiosity for life, and passion for art and health consciousness. You don’t need to travel the world to experience the world. We are all divinely connected something as simple as drinking a good cup of tea can immediately transport you on a journey…  as long as it makes use of authentic ingredients, techniques, and traditions. 

"Connection" is the core message of our brand, we believe connecting with each other, with the world at large and more importantly ourselves is vital for a well-balanced life. As our world becomes more and more digitally-driven, and our cultural traditions slowly disappear, the importance of these connections has never been greater. Our blends are carefully curated and made up of natural ingredients that help alter our physical, mental, and spiritual energy. We want you to embark on an enlightening journey into expanding, connecting, and developing the mind, body, and soul experiencing more than just tea but rather a way to be.  

Our collections:

Embracing Cultures 

There’s a lot we can learn from immersing ourselves in other worlds. Our ‘Embracing Cultures’ collection sends you on a journey experiencing the origin and tradition of teas influenced by Japan, Thailand, Egypt, Brazil, India, South Africa, and the UK. With each blend containing ingredients taken from its respective countries’ cultures, traditional remedies, native plants, and flowers.

 Embracing Lunar Energy

Once we begin to live in harmony with the energy of the moon, we will notice how much easier it is to focus on intentions and manage our emotions. The 'Embracing Lunar Energy' collection is inspired by the four phases of the Lunar Cycles, New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon & Waning Moon. Each blend contains herbs that help aid and manage our focus and intentions during each phase.

Spiral Collective

Spiral Collective is your safe space to awaken, connect, heal, and evolve. We offer 1:1 sessions and group events that allow you to form a deeper connection with yourself, through balancing practices of stillness and embodied movement that get you out of your mind and into your body & soul.

Led by your guide, Francesca our offerings include 1:1 energy healing, shamanic drum meditations, embodied movement, and healing herb tea ceremonies each of which assist with awakening your inner guidance, unravelling, and healing the built-up layers to reveal your inner light, your most authentic self to live a life led by passion, fulfilment, and purpose.

Healing Herb Tea Ceremony & Reiki 

This ceremony invites you to settle into stillness, connecting with nature’s elements to mindfully awaken our senses. We drop into our heart space in order to help heal our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Through the use of healing herbs, we draw wisdom and spirit from a higher natural consciousness. Healing herbs have been used for millennia as natural medicines for a variety of ailments. The best way to experience the properties of these exquisite plants is by drinking them in infusions.

Embodied Movement

Embodied Movement uses movement, dance, and the creative arts to discover or rediscover, remember and reawaken what it is to be fully human – physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually. 

Our bodies are our vessel, all we have experienced and will experience in this lifetime happens in the body. Through embodied movement we can become more self-aware, present, and alive, discovering new parts of ourselves transforming our relationship with our body, mind, and spirit. 

These practices can be themed and consist of guided movements that are followed by free flow of your own body as a tool for healing. Movement is a medicine to be experienced freely and consciously as we flow in harmony, shifting any stagnant energy and raising our vibration we allow our bodies to be a paintbrush of emotion. Falling solely into the present moment, entering a trance-like state (meditative state) to feel a sense of joy and invigoration.