A Solution For Last Minute Trip Cancellation

A Solution For Last Minute Trip Cancellation

by Lori Owen


Its creeping closer and closer and you couldn’t be more excited.  The flights are booked, the hotel confirmed and you’re dreaming of relaxing on the beach, margarita in hand and the out of office on. Pure bliss on the horizon.  Then suddenly, disaster hits. An unforeseen emergency erupts, and you have to cancel your trip.  Not what you had in mind when booking your holiday and the worst part, its non-refundable. Or is it?

This scenario happens more often than you think and what is more frustrating than not only having to cancel your trip, but also losing out on hard earned money you paid towards the trip.  Well it actually doesn’t have to be this way.  Just because it says non-refundable, doesn’t mean you have to completely lose out.  In fact, with SpareFare.net you can turn the loss into a gain.


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Refund the non-refundable?


The ideal solution. SpareFare.net has created an online platform designed to prevent travelers from losing out on funds for trips they’ve paid for by connecting them with individuals who are looking for a budget friendly holiday.  Whether it be flights, hotels or full holiday packages, buyers and sellers alike are brought together via the SpareFare.net platform.  Buyers get to purchase a holiday at a discounted rate while the seller gets refunded at least a portion if not all of what they originally paid for their trip in the first place.  As this is a trusted platform, buyers and sellers are also protected from fraudulent activities resulting in safe and secure transactions leave both parties satisfied with SpareFare acting as the middleman.

Millions of people don’t make their flights each year resulting in empty airline seats, money lost and frustrated individuals who are missing out on their holidays.  Many people are not aware of this, but most budget airlines will allow you to make a name change to your ticket for a small fee.  Make sure to check with your airline ahead of time to see what their policy is.  If it doesn’t state a name change is applicable, call the airline to discuss the matter. Sometimes they will make exceptions especially in certain circumstances such as illness.


How SpareFare.net Works


Not only is this a winning situation for the buyer and the seller, both are also fully protected by SpareFare.net ensuring a safe transaction that is also fair in price.

  • The buyer suggests a price they are willing to pay
  • The seller then decides if they are comfortable with the offered price or recommends another offer and the bidding process begins
  • The bidding process ensures the buyer gets a fair discounted rate from the original cost of the purchase while preventing the seller from asking for an unreasonably high price.
  • Once a price is agreed upon the buyer will send the money to SpareFare.net and once the funds are received, the seller will then change the name of the booking with the airline, hotel or holiday package company. The funds are protected as SpareFare.net is in possession them
  • The buyer will confirm they’ve reviewed and received the booking information
  • The funds will only be released to the seller once the reservation date approaches to ensure the seller does not attempt to sell the ticket to another buyer as the fee for a name change has already been paid.


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So next time you purchase the non-refundable ticket for an upcoming holiday remember it may just be refundable after all with the help of SpareFare.net

Written by: Lori from Wanderlush Travel

IG : @wanderlush_travel


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