10 Wholesome New Year Resolutions for 2021

10 Wholesome New Year Resolutions for 2021

by Go Inspire


We are finally here. December 2020 has been the most talk about month of the century. After all, everyone is looking forward to the end of this year. It wasn't an easy one but we made it till the end! We have to let go of the negativity, the lost opportunities, and the feeling of hopelessness that was rife through this year.

Usually, we all have exceptional plans for the coming New Year with friends and family. Whether it is about all-night partying or by watching your best favorite New year movie. This year may be quite different but, it is important to make the most of it and celebrate that we are still here!
A big trend that revives around this time of the year is making a New year resolution. It is one of the best opportunities to prioritize your commitments and set some positive goals, avoiding some unreal expectations and punitive changes to our bodies and minds.

I want you to prepare a list of the best goals you wish to accomplish, lifestyle changes you wish to make, and the things you wish for society and humanity. It is important to select a few that are the most relevant to our personal development and focus on that, you don't have to make every goal a reality but is nice to have some inspiration.

Here I listed 10 different New Year resolutions for 2021. These ideas won’t only help you to make your life more wholesome but also a little contribution to society in general.

1. Quit Smoking

As we all know, smoking is damaging to our health, but many of us are still addicted to it. You know smoking Tobacco causes cancer and infertility, so it is the perfect time to quit it from day one. You could set a jar aside to save all the money you are not spending on Tobacco and give yourself a well-deserved treat like a holiday, a day trip, or some lovely indoor plants

2. Yoga and Meditate

Most people have very busy and hectic schedules and making time for daily self-care seems nearly impossible. An unhealthy lifestyle and work pressure can cause long term issues in your life and mind, is important to wind down and reconnect with your personal feelings and ideas. The practice of meditation, yoga, and stretching allows you to relax your body and soul, to live in the present moment, and clear your mind. Set a daily goal, 15 to 20 minutes will be enough to see the beneficial side of these techniques. I like to add candles and music to the ritual but, there are no rules. Just make it your special moment and enjoy!


3. Leave Your Phone

We are experiencing a mobile phone revolution and it has undeniably become an icon of our generation. It is lovely to be connected and informed but, where is the limit? It has become an addiction for some and is changing the way we engage with others creating loneliness and empty feelings for most.
Try to leave your phone away for a few hours a day, especially in the evenings. Instead, get an inspiring book, learn how to knit, or find an exciting puzzle.

4. Prioritize Family

In the rush of day-to-day life, we sometimes forget about the ones that care for us the most. Loved ones are always there for us, and they need our attention, especially when going through life's ups and downs. Reconnecting with your origins will ground you and will make you appreciate how far you have come. Give it a chance this year and you will make memories that will last a lifetime.


5. Do Charity

The more we give, the happier we feel. Volunteering increases self-confidence and empathy. You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment. There are so many different charities and social movements that you will certainly find the right fit for your ideologies and priorities. There is so much happiness that comes from giving selflessly. You will have a more positive view of your life and future goals while making a difference.


6. Find Some Time For Yourself

Finding time for yourself in the new year to simply recoup and rest will have major repercussions on your overall wellness and health. This time with yourself benefits everyone because by having a happier and healthier mindset, you are in a better frame of mind to care for the people who are important to you. Go to a park or even a balcony and try to relax your body and soul for about 20-30 minutes. We highly recommend meditation as a way to reconnect with your inner needs and hopes. You will feel instantly refreshed and empowered.

7. Be Social

In the era of social media, we are made to believe we are surrounded by "friends" and constantly observed often giving anxiety and stress. But those "friends" are never there when you need them the most. The truth is that humans thrive in social environments and making quality, real friends are the best way to battle depression and loneliness. The feeling of belonging and comfort that you get when you are part of a reliable group of like-minded friends will be very beneficial to your mental health and life in general. New people are always around, turn off the phone, and start a conversation at your art course or favorite cafe.

8. Raise Your Voice

The world is at a special stage with several issues affecting humanity and societies. Often we feel the need of expressing our feelings and believes about a certain matter and is a must that we do. We need more people taking action and raising their voices. The only way that we can create meaningful change is by questioning certain situations and attitudes, especially from a privileged position. Be part of the change.


9. A Day Without Car

As we already know, we are all accountable for global warming and increasing pollution. Sadly these will have a lasting effect on the environment. The future generations will certainly not be able to enjoy the earth as we once did. The new year is a great time to take responsibility and give a break to our cars. We often struggle to get time to exercise so, swapping the car for a run/walk to work a couple of times a week could be a way to make it all happen. Or maybe merely walk the dogs to the park instead of driving there on the weekend. You will be glad to have some fresh air and your sleep quality will improve.



10. Live Your Dreams

When was the last time that you thought about your dreams and goals? What about non-materialistic aspirations? Take some time to think about this while sipping a tea. Contemplate the possibility of making it all happen in the next few years and think about what would be the first steps. Inspire yourself and infuse your life with purpose. Life is short, and we have to make the most of it. Remember who you are and what you want and work hard to achieve it. You will build the life of your dreams and a life worth living.