Book Club: "Badly behaved women" by Anna Marie Crowhurst

Book Club: "Badly behaved women" by Anna Marie Crowhurst



When I first saw this book in my local store, I felt instantly attracted to the aesthetic but especially touched by its name. How many times I had been called naughty, bad girl, a silly girl, or even "Feminazi" for voicing my opinions on gender inequality and women's rights. Badly Behaved women sounded to me like a proud call for all those naughty girls that created change for all of us. But also the ones that are still working for it, investing their free time in a fight that will change history but especially the present and the reality of women on Earth.
Badly Behaved Women is the illustrated story of the past 100 years of the women's movement, from suffrage, alleged bra-burning, and the politics of hair to Beyoncé, body positivity, and the #MeToo movement.

In the early twentieth century, through ceaseless dedication and fearless campaigning, the women's movement achieved what had previously been unimaginable: a woman's right to vote. Four waves of feminism and a century on, the rich cultural history of this movement is truly worthy of celebration. 



Accompanied by stunning and never-seen-before photographs, personal testimony essays from key figures, and archive material from sources around the world, this book is a pleasure to read and is something you can dip in and out whenever you need a shot of empowerment and fraternity.
Anna-Marie Crowhurst's compelling and entertaining retelling of this multi-stranded, global and ongoing story also examines the flaws of the movement and the future of feminism.
The fight is still going and we truly believed that the next 100 years will be an opportunity to reach equality and to take the space we rightfully deserve in society.
This book is a great gift for those small women in your family and friends' groups. Enjoy! 


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