Social Impact - Our mission in 2021

Go Inspire is a movement of positive connection and support. We want to provide a platform and a space where every woman is welcomed, heard and inspired.

Our fight against: Inequality, judgement, sexism, misogynism, discrimination and NO representation is very relevant in this times, specially after the pandemic.  

The core problem that this creates is: Low self-esteem, loneliness, missed opportunities, mental health decline, powerlessness.

The way that this issues impact women in society is detriment, creating a larger gap between genders. This can cause serious damage such as: victims of violence, unfairness, timid and quiet women, fearful and unthrusting attitudes, loss of motivation, isolation, unfriendliness, depression, suicidal thoughts, inability to stay in a job and many more.

 At GO Inspire Wimbledon, we are working to make a difference. 

We are developing an interactive platform with access to professional advice, tutorials, inspiring interviews and motivating content. We are creating a sisterhood online and in person. We offer free access to Meditations and mindful videos. 

We will launch weekly and monthly events, hopefully from our own space. We want to provide a space to connect and inspire local women. Promoting wellbeing and creativity as a powerful tool that can bring together communities and specially women. We thrive when we are full of ideas and feel a newly founded power. 

We will create a marketplace space for female producers to offer an opportunity of engagement and visibility. We believe women want to support women but sometimes is not as easy. We want producers/artist to introduce the community to their passions and pains, while inspiring others to start their own business and creative journeys.  

Free workshops to introduce new hobbies.

Free talks to promote mindfulness, education, empowerment and new ideas.

Free art exhibitions/ meet ups/ events.

We are planning to work closely with other women's charities to be able to provide more specific support.

The impacts we want to create in the community are: 

New friendships, feelings of belonging, new ideas/wellbeing, Self esteem, Empowerment and motivating thoughts, general health and mental wellbeing, New hobbies, new interests, new passions. Reconnection with your inner self. Support and women's produced content through our YouTube channel.