Events with workshops and talks.

 We are delighted to introduce you to one of the most fundamental parts of our organization. We created Go Inspire Wimbledon with the main idea of connecting women with their inner power. We know for a fact that when this power is shared and cheered up, it becomes amplified. 

We can collectively create a new world and mother each other into our best selves with patience and nurture. That is what we, women, have been doing for centuries for our families and friends since our nature is love, and that we strive to infuse it in others. 

This social media era saturates us with information, creating a false sense of social interactions and belonging. However, we are not as connected as we may think. Meaningful conversations and connections are missing from our daily lives, at times where it is most needed. Women thrive on togetherness, sharing life experiences, and holding each other through life's challenges. We want to bring back the sisterhood and the friendship that this millennium seems to have forgotten. Our ultimate desire is to create a close-knit local community of like-minded ladies.

Our monthly Meeting Point events, launching on the 27th of March 2021, are the perfect opportunity to connect and mingle with your local ladies! It will be filled with workshops and talks focused on women's development and well-being. We are working very hard to provide everything absolutely for free to make sure everyone has the same opportunity to come and join the movement.

Here is what awaits you in our event : 


We love spreading positivity through creativity and fun. In doing so, we will line up several workshops to encourage every woman to discover new and exciting practical techniques and skills. 

For more info about this or if you want to join as a professional, please email us at Thanks!



We will set up a curated market space where you will find some of our female local producers and artists and engage in some healthy and much needed personalized shopping experience. You can choose who you want to support as a consumer and make a difference for your local community! 

For more info about the market or available spaces, please email us at Thanks!


We will host a variety of inspiring and informative talks to promote physical and mental health, well-being, self-care, motivation, business, social causes, sustainability, sexuality, and most importantly taboo conversations that need to be addressed in a safe space.

For more info about this or if you want to join as a professional please, email us at Thanks!

Open discussions

We will propose our public to join open interactive conversations with our presenters and the rest of the audience. It will be an occasion for our public of women to express themselves freely and receive the support of others.

For more info about this or if you want to join as a professional please, email us at Thanks!