Melissa Mercury - Tarot Reader

Melissa Mercury - Tarot Reader

'Hi, I'm Melissa Mercury, tarot reader from North London. 

I use a unique blend of psychology and intuition to help people build their confidence, face their demons and look at life from a different perspective. 

As a teenager I was fascinated by all things witchy, but when I started a corporate career, this part of me got lost along the way. 

Five years ago, I reconnected with my spiritual side. I was struggling with the pressures of work and enrolled in an evening course in Tarot at The London School of Astrology. I fell in love with it, qualified as a tarot reader and started doing readings whenever I had any downtime. 
During the pandemic, still in my day job, I found myself totally burnt out. The stress was all consuming, I felt like I was working 24/7. On top of this, I'd just had a positive screening for Autism which was enlightening. I finally understood why I didn't fit in the corporate world.

In June 2021 I took the bold move to quit the day job and take tarot full time.

Since then I've started a tarot residency at Lost Boys in Camden, was the tarot reader at Latitude Festival, started teaching tarot and have done lots of fun private and corporate events. I believe tarot is a great tool for improving mental health and offer private one-on-one readings online and in person.'