Claudia Circla - Sustainable refill service

Claudia Circla - Sustainable refill service

Hello, I'm Claudia the founder of Circla, an online marketplace and refill service for sustainable beauty and home brands, available in South West and West London.
Every year, UK manufacturers produce 2.1 million tonnes of plastic waste. Despite what we’ve been told, it’s a mess that won’t be solved by recycling. Only 9% of plastic is ever recycled properly. I wanted to switch to zero waste, but in searching for a more sustainable alternative, I found the market for convenient, refillable products wasn’t really there.

Before Circla, I was doing the absolute opposite of what I'm doing now! I left university and went straight into a corporate job working for Barclays. While I didn’t hate my job, I decided that it didn’t give me much purpose. So, I quit. All in the name of doing something that would make me excited to get out of bed in the morning. Even if that meant at 5am to do the refill rounds...

And that’s how Circla was born! Prioritising quality, sustainability and accessibility, I created a platform for customers to explore planet positive brands without compromising on luxury. I also knew refills weren’t a new concept, but I didn’t think they’d been done justice yet.

We now deliver beauty and home products all over South West and West London on a bicycle or electric van. Once you’ve enjoyed your new natural products to the last drop, we’ll collect your empties and refill them for you.

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