Aggie Meroni - White Bee Digital

Aggie Meroni - White Bee Digital

Hi, I'm Aggie, Founder of White Bee Digital.

I help businesses grow online through Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn advertising.

What people don't know:

✨ I worked in sales in the investment industry for over 10 years

✨ I travelled solo around Central and South America when I was 24

✨ I've lived in Paris, Spain, am half-Polish and married an Italian 🌍

✨ My 2 year old speaks better Italian than me 🙈

✨ I love jalapenos on all my salads (weird pregnancy craving that never left)

✨ I recently took up pottery as a way to get away from my laptop

✨ I worked as a lifeguard when I was 16

The world has changed and digital skills really do set businesses apart.

I am passionate about helping businesses grow online and have become an accredited Facebook Trainer with @e_nation to support female business owners upskill in the UK.

If you need support send me a DM to find out how I can help.
If you need anything else, let me know!"