Sat 30/7 Radiant Summer Celebration at Cannizaro Park

Sat 30/7 Radiant Summer Celebration at Cannizaro Park


Welcome to our first seasonal celebration: Radiant Summer Celebration!
Take a day to enjoy the gifts of mother nature surrounded by women. 

Radiant Summer Festival

Saturday 30th July at 1 pm

Where? Cannizaro Park, Behind the Flower Bed by Hotel Du Vin


  • Francesca: Energy Healing
  • Shelley: Dance and empowerment
  • Kelsey: Yoga and mindfulness
  • Harriet: Art Therapy
  • Julie: Airbrush Make up

Confirmed: Photos by Laura Pink

Please if you can:

  • Bring your own blanket, yoga mat, water and food to share, Picnic style.
  • Dress with light colours and flowy materials/ shorts for yoga.
  • Bring flowers and fruits of any kind

Line up

*1:00 pm Decorate the altar with summer fruits, flowers and a candle burning to honour the sun / AirBrush & BIO Glitter Makeup / Picnic / Sunbathing / Community Art Project

*1:50 pm Join the Sisterhood Circle/ Sun salutations (Kelsey)

*2:00 pm Presentation

*2:10 pm Meditation, Intention Setting: Gratitude (Francesca)

*2:45 pm Goddess Blessing, Circle Dancing - viewing our sisters in their highest light/support (Francesca)

3:00 pm - Silent Dance in the Woods - Dance and let your body guide you - 30 mins (Shelley)

- Energising Sun Yoga - 20 mins (Kelsey)

3:30 pm Nature & Sensory Art Therapy - 30 mins (Harriet)

3:40 pm Mindful Yoga - 20 mins (Kelsey)

*4:00 pm Drumming and Vocalising - 30 mins (Francesca)

4:30 pm - Silent Dance in the Woods - 30 mins (Shelley)

- Make a floor floral mandala - 30 mins (Francesca)

5:00 pm Sensual and Art Therapy - 30 mins (Harriet)

*5:30 pm Tea Ceremony, Meditation, and closing (Francesca)

* = Main Circle/Altar Area

All activities are optional. You can join at any time or just relax and enjoy the sunshine and food.

Community Art Project will run through the day so join at any time.


  • Paper decorations for the altar and area
  • Paper cups
  • Blankets
  • Tealight candles
  • Fruits and flowers
  • Music instruments
  • Music
  • Food
  • Make up/Glitter
  • Crown making material
  • Paper and pens
  • Paints and craft material