ICONS by Go Inspire: Diane Goldie

ICONS by Go Inspire: Diane Goldie

Diane Goldie is without a doubt one of the most inspiring Londoners you could have the pleasure to ever meet. Her pieces are acclaimed worldwide for her exquisite artwork and storytelling themes. Diane shares with us some of her personal life, from the comfort of her own home, she will take you in a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and surrender.

Find out more about Diane here: www.dianegoldieartist.com


Produced by Go Inspire UK

⭐Production and Direction by Marina Sardanopoli
⭐Video and Edition by Stephanie Archie
⭐Photos by Bari Goddard


Gorgeous Diane posing with her designs in her bedroom.

Charlie, the goodest boy ever.

Fireplace in Diane's living room.