Tarot - Melissa Mercury

Tarot - Melissa Mercury

Hi, I'm Melissa Mercury, founder of Mercury Tarot.

I've been reading tarot for over 10 years and qualified in tarot at London School of Astrology in tarot in 2017. Since then I've been reading professionally and have read the cards for over 1,000 people, teach tarot and have a residency at Lost Boys in Camden. 

How does tarot work?
I use a combination of tarot cards, psychology and intuition to work with people looking for answers. Tarot is a wonderful tool for looking at life from a different perspective. I help people build confidence, confront their demons and reconnect with the things that matter to them.

Who is it for?
Anyone who is in need of a little guidance. All tarot readings are unique and all are welcome. I work with people based on their individual needs and questions, offering an inclusive, safe and open environment. 
What will we discuss?
Most of my clients will ask about their career or love life. Some people have very specific questions in mind such as a career change or compatibility with a partner and we work with the cards to find some answers. Others come for a reading with no particular topic and are open to being guided by me and the cards. 

Is it scary?
A lot of people are nervous about coming for a reading, but there is nothing to fear. I am friendly, welcoming and not a psychic! I don't predict death (the Death card doesn't literally mean death) or contact deceased ancestors. It's all about you and finding some answers, sometimes what we truly want can be scary!

If you want to book or have any questions about tarot, contact Melissa Mercury - 
Email -  melissa@mercurytarot.com 
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mercurytarot/
Website - https://www.mercurytarot.com/